New services coming soon.

We are soon going to be having a few more new services for everyone.

Which is great for those without carpets!

We now are going to be offering a Hard Floor Cleaning service, we have a machine which cleans, scrubs and polishes hard floors.

Whether you have a tiled, laminated or hard wood floor our machine will do the job and make things so much easier for you.

We will be implementing this new service within the next month if all goes well.

So no more back breaking floor scrubbing, we have your back.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process Step By Step

Carpet Cleaning In Mansfield

For a quick example of what we do when carpet cleaning.

1) We spot test the carpet to ensure for colour fastness and to make sure the carpet can withstand the particle formula we will use.

2) We treat the carpet with a pre treatment to enhance our cleaning success.

3) We use a deep extraction cleaning machine along with various other methods of cleaning.

4) We use a spot remover to help get rid of any remaining stains.

5) We vacuum the room if necessary.

6) We groom any carpet which needs it with a brush.


Floor Cleaning In Mansfield

The prices of our service varies by room and room size.

The average room we clean is approximately 15 x 15 ft.

Our prices for the average room are from £25.

The prices for each room go down with each room you have cleaned.

For a full house or for more rooms we will give you a competitive quote.

Take advantage of our service today!